Whether it be for spring walks in the countryside, rambling through national parks, or getting out and about in your city, choosing the right pram or pushchair is important.

Now that we are coming into better weather, getting out and about walking is something that many of us are keen to do, and the right 3 wheeler buggy will help with this. That’s right, the fact that you have a small child in tow doesn’t mean that you can’t go for long walks on rough terrain, or even cross country.

The most appropriate all terrain buggy will not only make pushing it easier for you, and more comfortable for the infant, but it will also be safer, with specially designed straps to hold the child in, and adjustable ergonomic handlebars with one­touch brakes.

These off road buggies are designed to be easy to steer, have puncture proof wheels or tyres, and provide good back support for the infant to enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

3 wheeler buggies are not only ideal for outdoor activities, but they are also pleasing to the eye and would not look out of place in a shopping centre or bistro. With their modern design and convenient features, many parents are opting for a 3 wheeler buggy instead of a more traditional 4 wheeler.

When choosing an all terrain pushchair you should first consider your needs. Will you be using public transport? Will you require it to fit in a small car? Check the size of your car boot before buying the buggy, and also consider how light and portable it is for your needs. Does it appeal to you to have a detachable set that also doubles as a car seat, so that the infant doesn’t need to be wakened when going back in the car, and again into the house?

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For further information on fantastic spring walks the Walks around Britain website is a great place to start.